Let's set the tone with a few quotes from our founder, who despite being dead can be found making quotes all up in social channels.

Exposed ankles really resonated with our audience.


Some didn't know Charles Darwin, some didn't know Nelly Furtado. 3 Stars.

True story.

Acronyms. Tread carefully.

Booty calls used to be sent by telegram. By the time the booty call was received, the mood quite often had passed.

Despite being deceased our founder often comes back and comments on modern day hot topics.

Never a truer word spoken.

Back then they didn't have wrecking balls just inexpensive child labour. 

Oh Jay-Z when will you ever learn?

What Mr Lamar does so well is suggest humility. He learnt that lesson from Dr Lindeman. Or so the story goes.

In fact, fidget spin too much and they would have you institutionalized.

Before Valentines Day was invented Dr Lindeman already had problems with it. 

There's nothing more poignant than the deceased reflecting on the time when they were not.

And now for a slightly confused and mildly aggressive take on modern gentlemanliness via the medium that is video. There are a lot of these videos, but also no law forcing you to watch them. It's times like this I thank our forefathers for the freedoms that they have bestowed upon us. 

Not everyone likes gamey meats.

Reading books all willy nilly.

The simple answer is no. 

Genting wasn't a trend. Then we put a hashtag in front of the word. It changed nothing.

And now for a banter enhancer.

Don't use words wrong.

Mildly aggressive life advice.

Be a gent when the clock strikes 12.

Contemporary commentary in under 15 seconds.

Double denim is a no no, no no.

Trumpets throw up all kinds of conundrums.

Offer a lady a coat even if she is already wearing a coat.

On writing ones memoir.

Trying on hats can be treacherous.

And now she's with child.

Happy Father's Day Dad. Whoever you are.

Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. All consensual.

It's not the length of your backstory that counts.

This is the story of the story of the story of Gentleman's Collection.

Seduction is a tricky biscuit.

It's expensive to contest an intervention order.

Formal pants. Semi-formal pants. Two different pants. 

Don't turn up late to your own pre rolls. It's tardy.

Here's to you Natalie Imbruglia.

Only heathens order at drive-thru on foot.

Providing a list of reasons you and your ex didn't work out, won't work out.

Fifty shades of no.

Sometimes there's more you can do for men's health than take your shirt off and have a kiss.

Don't check a loved ones prostate.

I have testicles. I like them both. Equally.

Peacocks are people too.

How well do you know your two pack of love nuggets?

Arson is not for everyone. Or anyone. Except maybe arsonists.

Jaundice taught me nothing.

Stop demanding God make it snow.

Be careful of Jesus impersonators. Especially around his birthday.

We've all let our mothers down.

What to say about Labour Day? Very little it turns out.

Thailand Ping Pong stories are not for everyone.

Octopussy. One word or two?

Happy Birthday head of the Commonwealth. Happy Birthday.

Banks deserve a break. Just ask banks.

Celebrate Independence Day by doing what and ad tells you to do.

Oh Canada. You're a country too.

Easter is for marketing. 

Gift options with a side serving of mathematical fact.

Give and thou shat receive. Nonsensical advice if ever I heard some.

Fictitious testimonials are the best kind.

We partnered with the Melbourne Comedy Festival then set out to not be funny. Mission accomplished. 

We partnered with the Melbourne Comedy Festival to bring to life the growing issue of incompetent tailors. . 

To offset our happy partnership with the Melbourne Comedy Festival, we reminded everybody that one day they'll die.

After hours of debating whether airplane was a word or not. We flipped a coin.

Tetanus. Not funny. Not funny at all. 

Here' s something that doesn't exist but totally should. 

There's not enough manners based, off-premise promotions. Now there's one.

This went in a shop.

We used augmented reality to explain augmented reality. 

Then we used overt references to the Matrix to explain VR through AR.

Agency: J.Walter Thompson Melbourne
Creative Director: Jarrod Lowe
Creative Team: Jarrod Lowe. Nicholas Sellars. Tim Yates. Kerem Sekerci. Jack Eliott. Lachlan Newham.
Director: Jarrod Lowe  

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