Don't lick batteries

Had my stomach pumped

People eating Asian food

I thought this was rhetorical

Yeah they let us let punters punt on the pontiff.

This dog is rubbish at racing

Monkeys need helmets too

Tiny little pixelated horses would die

Almost everyone in this ad is dead

I don't really like tennis

Know your Indian from your Indian

Would you back a bear in fight against me?

You need hands to peel an orange

A radio offer for the deaf - Radio

Excitement Induced Lisps - Radio

Knock. Knock. Who's there? Equality - Radio

Knowledge Thrust - Radio

Knee How - Radio

Don't put something bigger than your mouth in your mouth - Radio

I did this radio spot, cash in hand - Radio

Creative Team: Jarrod Lowe & Mark Jones
Director: Edwin McGill
Co-Director: Jarrod Lowe

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